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Just so you know this isn’t only for people who want to know how to stop blushing with dating. It is for anyone with the condition known as Erythrophobia.

Many people blushing in front of their crush of the opposite or same sex, but if you also blush for no reason in front of girls, guys, family, friends, in the classroom or at work then you most likely have a fear of blushing and it is destroying your life.

Am I right?

I’m sure you’ve read and probably know deep inside the best way to stop your blushing is to just stop thinking about it. it’s all in your mind.

This is obviously easier said than done.

Many people try to treat their condition with things like surgery for blushing or drugs like beta blockers and antidepressants.

All of these things can work but they can come at a huge cost with devastating side effects as you can read from a former blushers story on http://myblushingcure.com/ . This is an example of a person who tried drugs to cure blushing and ended up “turning into a zombie” .

Blushing is terrible and I believe the best way to cure it is to stop caring when it happens. But how are you meant to do this?

It’s like a super panic attack that everyone can see, it’s impossible to stop thinking about it and not care when its happening. Wrong wrong wrong

It is possible; you just need a little help to stop blushing. How about hypnosis?

Yes I know everyone is always very skeptical about trying hypnosis, but think about it. What do you have to lose? Hypnosis is cheaper than any other method of blushing treatment, people don’t have to know that you’re doing hypnosis if you don’t want them to, also it doesn’t have any side effects. So why not try hypnosis for blushing?

Also hypnosis for things like blushing isn’t something that will knock you out and make you out of control, it is simply a relaxing thing where an expert hypnotist teaches you how not to care about you’re blushing. It helps you achieve that mindset change that you need to stop blushing for no reason.

So my suggestion how to stop blushing (instantly in some cases but usually longer than that) is a hypnosis track before anything else that could do your body hard long term

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wikipedia has a good definition of what blushing is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blushing but not much about what cures it.



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