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Blushing is a very common physiological reaction to specific emotional stress. Flushing of the skin can also be triggered by certain stimuli in the environment.  There are also a number of physical conditions that can precipitate blushing in some individuals.

For those who must deal with frequent episodes of blushing it is important for them to know how to stop blushing as quickly as possible. Blushing can create splotchy, red patches on your skin. Even though blushing is a temporary phenomenon there are situations where it can be extremely embarrassing.

Some people are prone to periodic skin blushing due to medical conditions such as hypertension or menopause.   In these instances the blushing is related to dilation of the blood vessels and an increase in body temperature. For women who are 35+ years of age the changes in their hormone levels can create “hot flashes” which result in significant skin blushing.

Certain individuals can be troubled by blushing that is triggered by anxiety or nerves. As the nervous tension begins to build the body begins to generate adrenaline. The adrenaline is a chemical designed to help your body deal with stress and helps prepare you to choose either a “fight or flight” response. As the adrenaline begins to circulate throughout your bloodstream your fingers and toes may become pale as more blood is channeled to the heart and brain.

This means that the blood vessels in your chest and head are going to become more dilated to allow for the increase in blood circulation. There will also be a visible change in skin color in these body regions. Blushing can usually be noticed on the chest, neck and face when the blood vessels are significantly dilated.  As the dilation of blood vessels continues the blushing can worsen until a person has the skin coloring commonly associated with a ripe tomato.

Being shy, bashful or embarrassed are some of the key triggers associated with blushing. While there are many people who blush because of these emotional challenges, the physical changes that blushing causes will only heighten their degree of self-consciousness about the situation.

It is important to learn how to stop blushing with natural methods whenever possible. While you may not be able to eliminate all blushing reactions you can discover how to control your body’s reaction to many stressors. Just knowing that you can stop some of the blushing from occurring will give many people a boost of self-confidence. Stress and nervous tension are precursors to many blushing episodes. This means that you should find a way to reduce stress and tension.  For some individuals exercise is a good way to limit stress in their daily lives. You might also want to experiment with the use of yoga, meditation or Pilates. All of these activities help reduce physical, mental and emotional stress and tension. Bio-feedback is another technique that could help you bring that unwanted blushing under control. Since higher body temperatures can trigger blushing you can try “keeping your cool”. Avoid emotional outbursts and angry confrontations whenever possible. Wear clothing that is comfortable but prevents your body from over-heating. Set the thermostat on a lower level when possible. Keep a spray bottle filled with scented, cold water. Mist the water onto your face, neck and chest when you feel your temperature rising and sense that your skin is becoming flushed.

Set some time aside for yourself each day. This is important for your emotional and mental health and can help you prevent the blushing associated with frustration. Being consistently tired and over-worked can keep your body in a state of “flight or fight”.

Drinking cool water, iced tea or chilled fruit juice and help you control your body temperature. You might also try cooling off with cold compresses that you can pat on your pulse points. The cold compresses will help constrict your blood vessels and will also cool off the circulating blood. This is a technique that is very useful in reducing “fevers”.

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If you are troubled by excessive blushing you can talk with a health care professional. There are some medications that are prescribed to help control skin blushing.  You might also want to explore laser therapy as a blushing cure.  When laser therapy is used the doctor will actually target some of those tiny blood vessels just underneath the surface of your skin. Once these have been eliminated there may be significant improvement with your blushing problem and this treatment could even be the permanent blushing cure that you have been seeking.

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