How to prevent blushing when out on a date

Many people find themselves blushing at the most inconvenient of times. They feel their faces, neck and chest, gradually getting hotter and redder. Most blushers hate the fact that this happens to them but other people find themselves more attracted to blushers, as it shows they care about things and are able to show their feelings.

Blushing is perfectly human and it’s totally natural. Our ancestors used to go bright red to let other people know what they were feeling, as they wouldn’t have been able to communicate well with speech. So, when you feel yourself going bright red, don’t be too embarrassed about it. You really are telling others that you care and are able to show emotions.

This however, is easier said than done, as most blushers really don’t like what is happening to them, in any situation. Some people blush only mildly and other people may not really notice, while other people, may blush a great amount, which is highly noticeable. A mild blush will very quickly fade away, whereas a severe blush, along with sweating, will last much longer. This is because adrenaline has been released in your body and this takes a long time to reduce and for your colour to get back to normal.

Blushing may have developed in childhood but it can develop any time throughout a person’s life. The only time people usually seek help is when they feel that their symptoms are getting way out of hand.

People blush in many different situations and when they feel certain emotions for instance people blush when their sad, anxious, stressed, ashamed, embarrassed, nervous etc. Many people blush when they are in social gatherings, as they feel that all eyes are on them, even when this is not the case. One of the main situations where people find themselves blushing is when they are going out on a date. This really does increase blushing levels, especially if you’re with somebody that you really, really like.

Blushing when you’re talking to someone you like is very common and there are ways in which you can lessen the impact, for instance:

Admit to them that you’re a blusher

This will instantly reduce your anxiety levels when you’re out on a date for the first time. Let the other person know that yes, this is you, you are a blusher and you’re not ashamed to admit it. Many people are highly attracted to someone who blushes, as it shows that they care. When you feel yourself beginning to go red and you start to feel hot, just say to your date, “Oh, look at me, here I go again, blushing as usual.”

This will help you greatly and it’s telling the other person that you are comfortable in the fact that you blush, even though it may not be the case. Once you have said this, just move on with the conversation. Don’t make it out to be a huge deal. If it’s not a big deal for you, it won’t be for them and they may actually quite like your blushing.

Blushing begins when you start to feel self conscious, like all eyes are on you. Most blushers will hate being the centre of attention, which is why when out on a date, blushing can get out of hand. Try not to focus on yourself, focus on the other person and listen to what they are saying, rather than thinking about your blushing. This puts the attention on them, rather than you. Listen actively to them and try to avoid the thoughts going on inside your mind.

Try to accept that you’re a blusher, never hide from it

Hiding from the fact that you’re a blusher will only make things worse for yourself. Hiding from your feelings will make anxiety levels rocket, which will result in an even redder face. The fear of blushing is known as erythrophobia. You naturally try and fight the blushing but you cannot win. Blushing is a natural response and when you try and fight it, the worse it becomes. It’s this heightened anxiety that causes you to blush. Going out on a date is one of those social situations where you are more than likely to end up blushing. So, if you do feel a blush coming on, just ignore it and definitely don’t try and fight it.

Just be yourself

Do not try and be someone you aren’t. This will increase your anxiety levels, resulting in a redder face. Trying to be someone you’re not puts a lot of strain on you and prevents you from being able to relax, when out on your date. Remember, that if this person you are out with is worth getting to know better he/she has to discover that you’re a blusher. Otherwise you will be constantly trying to fight your anxiety and blushing, putting added strain on you. Let them see who you really are and it’s worth remembering that most people are attracted to blushers. It shows them that yes you do have feelings and you’re not afraid to show them. Your date will like you even more for this.

Blushing when out on a date is common but there are ways in which you can help with your flare ups. It’s important to remember that blushing is a natural human trait and can be very cute. Obviously, being out on a date is a nervous time and it’s definitely one of those events where you are highly likely to blush. The main thing to do is not to fight your blushing. This will only end up stressing you out, when you should be having a nice time.

Blushing lets the other person know that you are comfortable in your skin and that you’re not afraid to admit that you’re a blusher. If they really are worth getting to know, they will be just as comfortable with it, as you are.

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