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Why Does My Face Turn Red for No Reason?

A friend recently said to me, “why does my face turn red for no reason?” she has no idea why. For everyone out there like my friend who has no idea why this happens to you; this article is for you. Read on!

Extreme weather conditions affect our body in differs ways and in response, our body reacts accordingly, sometimes by turning red, mostly in our defence.

face turn red

But most times when your face turns red for no reason it’s not as a result of the weather even though it can be a likely reason why anyone’s face would turn red.

So if you are like my friend who asked me recently why her face turns red for no reason. We are going to look into the condition and try to provide the answers right here in this article.

The answers which we shall provide here will be very useful for you and also for my friend, even though I have given her the answer she needs, this article will always be a constant reminder for her.

Looking at Your Skin

I’m sure everyone knows what the skin is, it is the thin layer which provides an external covering for our body. It’s in the skin’s job description to protect us from external attacks, which it does. while it does that, it is our job to protect our skin. It is susceptible to extreme attacks if not adequately protected. One of the conditions the skin shows includes turning red. For those who have always wondered what that means, here it is:

When your face turns red,  it’s mostly a result of flushing or blushing. Blushing, as short as the word is,  what it encompasses is very wide. Let’s examine the condition so that you can have a better understanding of what it is, what causes it and how best to protect yourself from experiencing it in the future.

  What You Need to Know

Blushing is the most noticeable symptom of being embarrassed. it is important  that you know that this redness can really happen in any part of the skin, it’s not always only on the face.

The situation  happens more frequently in some people, In some people it happens frequently but doesn’t persist while in others it happens rarely but it persists whenever it does.

Your face turns red  when you feel a rush of anxiety, nervousness, stress, embarrassment, or even fear.

When you find yourself in any of these situations, your body in a form of involuntary response blushes, as a result of your blush your face then turns red assumedly by you, for no reason.

Biologically, this is controlled and instigated by the sympathetic nervous system, this is the part of the nervous system that controls all involuntary actions of the body including fight or flight. The sympathetic nervous system doesn’t just instigates this out of nowhere it’s always in response to anxiety, nervousness, stress, fear and so on.

When these changes occur in the body there is an increase in blood flow due to the widening of your blood vessels. The increased amount of blood flow eventually reaches the head and is shown on the face as blushes due to the structure of loops in the face.

When you find yourself in a constant state of stress, you will find that your face tends to stay more permanently red.

To deal with the situation of your face turning red for no reason you should try to live a more relaxed lifestyle, don’t over stress yourself or get unnecessarily bothered about situations that may crop up. Stay relaxed, I assure you whatever the situation is it’ll always eventually turn out fine.


We have been able to establish in this article that when the face turns red, it didn’t happen without reason. it is usually as a result of blushing, this is the most noticeable indication of blushing.

With what you have read in this piece you are now more informed than most people and will certainly not again ask the question, why does my face turn red for no reason? It isn’t turning red for no reason, it’s your body responding to what you’re putting it through. Treat your body well, stay relaxed and practice a better lifestyle; and I assure you your red face condition will be solved. Further information on how to stop blushing  you may find helpful.

How to stop blushing at inappropriate times

Blushing can occur at the most awkward of times. You feel yourself starting to get hotter and you just know that your face is absolutely glowing. You know that you’re as red as a tomato and you feel as though everyone is looking in your direction, when this often isn’t the case at all.

Blushing is caused by many different emotions including stress, anger, nervousness and embarrassment. These emotions cause your body’s sympathetic nervous system to widen the blood vessels in your face. This increases the blood flow to your face, which causes the redness. It’s this redness which causes us to become embarrassed, even though we shouldn’t be. Blushing is entirely natural and it’s our body’s way of helping us. It’s a difficult cycle to break when you think about it. We get anxious when we blush and we blush when we’re anxious. There are many things you can do however, which will help you keep blushing away, at the most inappropriate of times.

Going out on a date is definitely one of those inappropriate times but don’t worry, we have many ways listed which will help you with your blushing when you’re meeting someone special. Even though you cannot totally prevent blushing there are many ways in which you can treat it. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

Be totally prepared

Blushing can occur at the most inconvenient times for instance when you’re out on a date. However, when you’re prepared for your date you will feel much more confident about it. You will feel as though you are totally ready for whatever will occur. Being prepared enables you to think things through in your mind, so that you are fully equipped to face any scenario.

Be confident

If you feel more confident in your surroundings this will greatly decrease your chances of blushing. You will be able to reduce the chances of any awkward moments which would usually have resulted in you blushing. Before you go out on your date make sure you feel good about your appearance and that you are comfortable in your appearance.  Be yourself, don’t try to be someone else, you will only end up getting stressed out and this will lead to you feeling anxious which will result in you blushing. Before you leave your house, convince yourself that you look great and that you’re ready for whatever may happen. Others will notice this confidence in you which will see your confidence rocket even more. When you appear to be confident you will greatly reduce the chances of embarrassing situations.

Relax as much as you can before a date. Phone one of your friends so that they can offer you their support. Put some of your favourite music on, to get yourself ready. Think about what topics you’ll talk about, things that interest you and your date. Once you have done all of these, you’ll be ready for anything. You can leave the house knowing that you’re dressed well and are confident about the whole event.


Managing stress is hugely important when it comes to blushing. The more anxious we feel the more likely it is that we’re going to blush. Try to relax as much as you can before a date, this will greatly reduce blushing. Try and appear as confident as you can. The more confidence you have means the less chance there is of you flushing.

Relax both your body and your mind. Take deep breaths, meditate or just, simply, think positive thoughts. This will certainly go a long way in reducing your blushing. You will definitely feel calmer and much more relaxed. Keep on practicing breathing techniques. If you’re a regular blusher, they will help you enormously.

Cool down

Body temperature is related to blushing too. The hotter we feel, the more likely it is that we’re going to blush. If you wear too many clothes you will certainly get overheated which will result in a flushed face. Before you go on a date make sure you cool yourself down first and don’t wear clothes that you know will make you get too hot. If you do feel yourself getting too hot, take a few sips of cool water or if you can, stand in front of a fan.

Don’t think about blushing

The more we think about blushing, the more we do actually blush. You have to try and break this cycle. Retrain your mind as much as you can. Blushing is the result of being nervous. What you can do is to try a bit of self hypnosis. Change the way in which you think about a situation. Once you learn to do this your mind will think differently and you will blush less often. When you learn to do this you will accept the occasional blush, as you will be blushing far less often. Yoga and other types of meditation will also be greatly beneficial to you and help you work out how to prevent blushing

Embrace your blushing

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “I hate blushing, so how on this Earth can I embrace it?” Well, when you embrace your blushing you’ll be surprised to know that you will blush far less often. Many people are attracted to those who blush, as it reveals your feelings. People trust those who blush far more than those who don’t and they find it very charming. When you learn to accept your blushing, you’ll see that it’s really not all that bad and can actually be an advantage.

If you’re heading out on a date and are worried about your blushing then don’t be. Blushing is entirely natural and is actually very attractive. Let your date know that you blush and you’re not afraid to admit that you do. Blushing is charming and it means that you’re someone who can express their feelings, whatever they may be.

How to prevent blushing when out on a date

Many people find themselves blushing at the most inconvenient of times. They feel their faces, neck and chest, gradually getting hotter and redder. Most blushers hate the fact that this happens to them but other people find themselves more attracted to blushers, as it shows they care about things and are able to show their feelings.

Blushing is perfectly human and it’s totally natural. Our ancestors used to go bright red to let other people know what they were feeling, as they wouldn’t have been able to communicate well with speech. So, when you feel yourself going bright red, don’t be too embarrassed about it. You really are telling others that you care and are able to show emotions.

This however, is easier said than done, as most blushers really don’t like what is happening to them, in any situation. Some people blush only mildly and other people may not really notice, while other people, may blush a great amount, which is highly noticeable. A mild blush will very quickly fade away, whereas a severe blush, along with sweating, will last much longer. This is because adrenaline has been released in your body and this takes a long time to reduce and for your colour to get back to normal.

Blushing may have developed in childhood but it can develop any time throughout a person’s life. The only time people usually seek help is when they feel that their symptoms are getting way out of hand.

People blush in many different situations and when they feel certain emotions for instance people blush when their sad, anxious, stressed, ashamed, embarrassed, nervous etc. Many people blush when they are in social gatherings, as they feel that all eyes are on them, even when this is not the case. One of the main situations where people find themselves blushing is when they are going out on a date. This really does increase blushing levels, especially if you’re with somebody that you really, really like.

Blushing when you’re talking to someone you like is very common and there are ways in which you can lessen the impact, for instance:

Admit to them that you’re a blusher

This will instantly reduce your anxiety levels when you’re out on a date for the first time. Let the other person know that yes, this is you, you are a blusher and you’re not ashamed to admit it. Many people are highly attracted to someone who blushes, as it shows that they care. When you feel yourself beginning to go red and you start to feel hot, just say to your date, “Oh, look at me, here I go again, blushing as usual.”

This will help you greatly and it’s telling the other person that you are comfortable in the fact that you blush, even though it may not be the case. Once you have said this, just move on with the conversation. Don’t make it out to be a huge deal. If it’s not a big deal for you, it won’t be for them and they may actually quite like your blushing.

Blushing begins when you start to feel self conscious, like all eyes are on you. Most blushers will hate being the centre of attention, which is why when out on a date, blushing can get out of hand. Try not to focus on yourself, focus on the other person and listen to what they are saying, rather than thinking about your blushing. This puts the attention on them, rather than you. Listen actively to them and try to avoid the thoughts going on inside your mind.

Try to accept that you’re a blusher, never hide from it

Hiding from the fact that you’re a blusher will only make things worse for yourself. Hiding from your feelings will make anxiety levels rocket, which will result in an even redder face. The fear of blushing is known as erythrophobia. You naturally try and fight the blushing but you cannot win. Blushing is a natural response and when you try and fight it, the worse it becomes. It’s this heightened anxiety that causes you to blush. Going out on a date is one of those social situations where you are more than likely to end up blushing. So, if you do feel a blush coming on, just ignore it and definitely don’t try and fight it.

Just be yourself

Do not try and be someone you aren’t. This will increase your anxiety levels, resulting in a redder face. Trying to be someone you’re not puts a lot of strain on you and prevents you from being able to relax, when out on your date. Remember, that if this person you are out with is worth getting to know better he/she has to discover that you’re a blusher. Otherwise you will be constantly trying to fight your anxiety and blushing, putting added strain on you. Let them see who you really are and it’s worth remembering that most people are attracted to blushers. It shows them that yes you do have feelings and you’re not afraid to show them. Your date will like you even more for this.

Blushing when out on a date is common but there are ways in which you can help with your flare ups. It’s important to remember that blushing is a natural human trait and can be very cute. Obviously, being out on a date is a nervous time and it’s definitely one of those events where you are highly likely to blush. The main thing to do is not to fight your blushing. This will only end up stressing you out, when you should be having a nice time.

Blushing lets the other person know that you are comfortable in your skin and that you’re not afraid to admit that you’re a blusher. If they really are worth getting to know, they will be just as comfortable with it, as you are.

Random blushing article

Blushing is a very common physiological reaction to specific emotional stress. Flushing of the skin can also be triggered by certain stimuli in the environment.  There are also a number of physical conditions that can precipitate blushing in some individuals.

For those who must deal with frequent episodes of blushing it is important for them to know how to stop blushing as quickly as possible. Blushing can create splotchy, red patches on your skin. Even though blushing is a temporary phenomenon there are situations where it can be extremely embarrassing.

Some people are prone to periodic skin blushing due to medical conditions such as hypertension or menopause.   In these instances the blushing is related to dilation of the blood vessels and an increase in body temperature. For women who are 35+ years of age the changes in their hormone levels can create “hot flashes” which result in significant skin blushing.

Certain individuals can be troubled by blushing that is triggered by anxiety or nerves. As the nervous tension begins to build the body begins to generate adrenaline. The adrenaline is a chemical designed to help your body deal with stress and helps prepare you to choose either a “fight or flight” response. As the adrenaline begins to circulate throughout your bloodstream your fingers and toes may become pale as more blood is channeled to the heart and brain.

This means that the blood vessels in your chest and head are going to become more dilated to allow for the increase in blood circulation. There will also be a visible change in skin color in these body regions. Blushing can usually be noticed on the chest, neck and face when the blood vessels are significantly dilated.  As the dilation of blood vessels continues the blushing can worsen until a person has the skin coloring commonly associated with a ripe tomato.

Being shy, bashful or embarrassed are some of the key triggers associated with blushing. While there are many people who blush because of these emotional challenges, the physical changes that blushing causes will only heighten their degree of self-consciousness about the situation.

It is important to learn how to stop blushing with natural methods whenever possible. While you may not be able to eliminate all blushing reactions you can discover how to control your body’s reaction to many stressors. Just knowing that you can stop some of the blushing from occurring will give many people a boost of self-confidence. Stress and nervous tension are precursors to many blushing episodes. This means that you should find a way to reduce stress and tension.  For some individuals exercise is a good way to limit stress in their daily lives. You might also want to experiment with the use of yoga, meditation or Pilates. All of these activities help reduce physical, mental and emotional stress and tension. Bio-feedback is another technique that could help you bring that unwanted blushing under control. Since higher body temperatures can trigger blushing you can try “keeping your cool”. Avoid emotional outbursts and angry confrontations whenever possible. Wear clothing that is comfortable but prevents your body from over-heating. Set the thermostat on a lower level when possible. Keep a spray bottle filled with scented, cold water. Mist the water onto your face, neck and chest when you feel your temperature rising and sense that your skin is becoming flushed.

Set some time aside for yourself each day. This is important for your emotional and mental health and can help you prevent the blushing associated with frustration. Being consistently tired and over-worked can keep your body in a state of “flight or fight”.

Drinking cool water, iced tea or chilled fruit juice and help you control your body temperature. You might also try cooling off with cold compresses that you can pat on your pulse points. The cold compresses will help constrict your blood vessels and will also cool off the circulating blood. This is a technique that is very useful in reducing “fevers”.

wikipedia has a good definition of what blushing is

And this is a hub about you know what

If you are troubled by excessive blushing you can talk with a health care professional. There are some medications that are prescribed to help control skin blushing.  You might also want to explore laser therapy as a blushing cure.  When laser therapy is used the doctor will actually target some of those tiny blood vessels just underneath the surface of your skin. Once these have been eliminated there may be significant improvement with your blushing problem and this treatment could even be the permanent blushing cure that you have been seeking.

The Act of Blushing: Can it be Stopped?

Everyone does it, though some more than others.  It is blushing and an estimated 5% to 7% of people suffer from it on a chronic basis.  Let’s look at what causes a person to blush, how it can impact someone’s life, and how to stop blushing.

​    Blushing is completely natural.  Most often it occurs when a person is the object of unsolicited social attention.  Embarrassment due to meeting someone new, saying something inappropriate, receiving compliments, and anger are frequent causes.  Blushing is controlled by the system that controls your fight-or-flight response. You experience a release of adrenaline causing blood vessels to dilate (referred to as vasodilation), to improve oxygen delivery and blood flow throughout the body.  The veins in your face are signaled by adenylyl cyclase, a chemical transmitter, to permit the adrenaline through.  As the veins dilate, more blood is allowed to flow, causing a reddish tint to your face.  In simple terms, blushing is the result of excess blood flow in your cheeks.

​     While blushing occasionally does not typically have a tremendous effect on a person’s everyday life; individuals that experience it on a chronic basis may begin to suffer physically and psychologically.  They frequently develop bright red cheeks for no apparent reason, which can lead to a variety of issues. Many people associate blushing with being unconfident, shy, lying, or hiding something.  As a result, a chronic sufferer may be mildly or extensively teased by peers.  They may begin to withdraw from social activities, become depressed, and frustrated.  There are instances when a sufferer has developed suicidal thoughts.  Simply put, the consequences have the potential to be devastating.

​    Although it is a natural occurrence, it is possible to stop blushing using psychological techniques.  Overcoming social anxiety is the first step in this process.  There are ways to work toward this including cognitive therapy and hypnosis.

•Cognitive behavioral therapy (often called CBT) employs the use of a therapist to help the sufferer change or redirect their thoughts that most often results in blushing, learn breathing techniques to help relieve anxiety, and occasionally, the use of hypnotherapy.  Additionally, a physician may be consulted to prescribe medications to fight feelings of anxiety and fear.  Most often, these medications are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) such as Wellbutrin, Celexa, Prozac, and many more.

•Hypnotherapy or hypnosis accesses a person’s unconscious mind to determine the root cause of the problem and to teach ways to control it by staying calm and more relaxed.  Additionally, it can help a sufferer increase their self-confidence and decrease sensitivity in scenarios that trigger blushing.

•If blushing has already started, place a compress filled with cold water on your cheeks.  This will cause the blood vessels to constrict decreasing the blood flow through your cheeks.

•There are cosmetic and medical procedures that can be done, but they should be used as a last resort.  Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is a surgical procedure in which several of the nerves that cause the blood vessels in the face to dilate are cut.  This method also decreases the amount of sweating a person does.  As with any surgery, there are risks involved that should be carefully examined prior to having it done.  It does, however, have a 80% to 90% success rate.


Dating with Facial Blushing

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