Mental Health

Mental health. health defines mental health as “the psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment”

If someone has bad mental health it can make their everyday life hard. School, work and relationships with family friends or partners can be affected in a bad way. By effecting the thought feelings and actions a person may have.

A person with good mental health would find life’s challenges a lot easier.

So someone who blushed more than usual you could say has bad mental health.

Knowing how to stop blushing s very important because…

Social events and talking to people on a day to day basis can be nearly impossible for someone who has a blushing condition.

The longer someone blushes for the worse there mental health usually will be, because along with blushing usually comes depression (server or mild). Also a strong social phobia will normally develop keeping the person away from people and basically turning them into a hermit.

Many blushers say that they are confident people. But because they can’t stop there face from turning red there confidence id slowly destroyed.


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