Rosemary Owen Hypnotherapy

Blushing although a perfectly normal bodily function can cause severe distress to the sufferer.

It isn’t only the reddening of the face and uncomfortable feelings which accompany it, there is the embarrassment and fear of it being noticed and commented on by others. And if this were not enough there is the inner battle as you try to control and prevent it happening.

Then because you are so intent on not blushing it increases your chances of actually blushing because you are focussed on the very thing you want to avoid.

Once you learn to relax and let go of your fears and anxiety then the risk of blushing actually decreases.

In Hypnosis you can learn how to take control of any situation in which you find yourself.

You can learn how to access the part of your inner mind that controls all natural reactions and program yourself so that you control the blushing rather than it controlling you.

Learn how positive thinking will benefit and empower you.

In short take back control of your life enabling you to be calm relaxed and happy in situations which used to cause anxiety and blushing.

You have the right to relax, to feel good to be happy.

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