Similar conditions to blushing

Similar conditions to blushing.

People often mistake rosacea for blushing. They are very similar in that in both the conditions the sufferer has a red face and maybe other parts of the body are blushed.

The main difference is that people who suffer from rosacea usually get it when the are over 30, mostly women get it (but if a man gets it then the symptons are usually much worse) and the persons face is always red.

Whereas with blushing the persons face isn’t always red, it only goes red when they are having a blushing episode. Men and women both suffer from blushing and usually it stars in the teens when they are at high school.

Megaspores gets confused with chronic blushing sometimes as the person often gets hot flushes and does red in the face. But the condition id completely different. Blushing is a mental illness and how to stop blushing is almost impossible.

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